Content Models

Content models are the blueprint for creating structured, consistent, and reusable content. The content model defines the data structure and relationships of the unique components and pages that are used to build out a website. These unique content components are called content types.

This article is part of the Content Model Overview series.
For a more in-depth description of how content models are created see the Creating Content Models article.
For more details on content types see the Content Types article.

Consider this simple promotional component directing users to learn more about visiting a zoo

Sample promo component - Visit the Zoo
Sample promotional component

This component has a title, some text, and a button. A very basic content model for the Simple Promo content type would define these properties:

Simple Promo
  • Title
  • Promotional text
  • Call to Action(CTA) button

The content model can go into much more detail, for example providing character limits or other validation rules for each property. For additional details on content types and creating content models, see the Content Types and Creating Content Models articles. The overall content model for your website is a collection of these unique content types and the relationships between them.